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Some Growing Options For Establishing Key Factors For Skin Care

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Their respective innings were poles apart in style, but almost identical in terms of both runs scored and balls faced by the time they returned to the pavilion. Hales - back in the team after injury - began how he so often does, in a circumspect manner. He nudged the ball into gaps before exploding into life once the spinners were introduced to the attack. Four of his five sixes came off the slow bowlers, who went for a combined 60 runs in 48 painful deliveries. The Notts right-hander, who successfully overturned an lbw decision when he was on 93, was particularly strong on the leg side where he scored 73 of his runs. Root was his usual busy self at the crease and almost paid with his wicket early on, only to be dropped when he had made both 1 and 12. Once set, however, he dropped anchor and finally registered three figures after eight half-centuries in his previous 11 ODI innings. Platform laid, England were pushed beyond 300 by Stokes. The Durham all-rounder was reminiscent of former South Africa all-rounder Lance Klusener as he time and again cleared his front leg and muscled the ball to the boundary in his 20-ball 34.